The New School Leader #15

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As the busyness and stress of the spring start to heat up, remember why you wanted to be a school leader in the first place. Remember how hard you worked to get where you are. Remember the work you set out to do and the impact you wanted to make.

Hard days will come and go this spring. This type of reflection will help you continue to focus on doing meaningful work when times get tough.

Now let’s get started.

The Good Stuff

1. 4 Assistant Principal Interview Questions I hate

This has been, by far, our most popular article over the last two months.

2. Getting More Urgent About Change Leadership

Our students do not have time for “5-year plans.” Do you need to re-evaluate your preconceived notions about change leadership?

3. Conflict: 5 Responses to Any Issue

Dealing with conflict can be a challenge for new (or any) administrators. Use these 5 tips to get a little bit better at it today.

Meanwhile, on Social Media…

What actions can aspiring administrators take this spring?

It’s “You vs You.”

You don’t need a badge, title, or nameplate on your desk to be considered a leader.

On the Move!

Felisha Escarsega

Help us congratulate Felisha Escarsega for recently getting her first assistant principal position!

Felisha will be the new assistant principal at Lundy Elementary School in El Paso, TX!

Congratulations, Felisha!

Book Recommendation

If you are in a leadership role that requires you to put together a team of people, you have to read this book.

Final Thought

Every day is an opportunity to get better and to get closer to where you want to be.

Read something that will help you grow.

Listen to something that will help you grow.

Talk to someone who will help you grow.

Never stop investing in “future you.”

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