An Easy Way To Take Care Of Your Staff This Weekend

Happy Friday!

It has probably been a long week for you and for the people you serve.

Here’s an easy way to get a quick win with your team this weekend.

Use the delay send feature on your email.

That’s it. Sounds simple, right?

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Back to the issue at hand.

If it’s so simple, why aren’t we doing it more often?

I know many of us have to knock out emails after hours.

That’s often the only way we can make sure we are serving the customers while the customers are in the building.

People during school hours…Paperwork (and email) when they’re gone.

That’s great. I love it.

That’s the beauty of answering/sending email. You can literally do it whenever it fits your schedule, and for many of us, that’s late at night after we put our own kids to bed.

The problem comes when one of your teachers hears a “Ding!” on their phone. They instinctually check their email to see what’s going on (that’s an issue in and of itself).

They’ve checked their email, and regardless of the contents of that email, their mind starts working when they should be winding down or thinking about their family. Worse yet, they could start spiraling because it can be so hard to understand the sender’s tone through an email.

You didn’t mean for any of that to happen. You were just getting your emails knocked out at night, so you can spend your time with teachers and students in classrooms the next day.

Regardless of what you meant to do, hitting send after hours can have adverse effects on your staff.

If you want to continue to get your work knocked out in a way that doesn’t intrude on your staff’s home life, there’s a super easy fix…

Use the delay send feature. Schedule your emails to go out when the teachers’ contract day starts the next morning.

They won’t even know that you did it, and you will receive no praise or kudos for it. That’s the point. They shouldn’t be thinking about you and whether or not you’re sending emails at night.

That’s an easy way to take ONE MORE THING off of your teachers’ plates.

Here’s a BONUS feature of using the delay send…

No one else knows you’re working late, so they will not reply to your emails with questions or concerns, causing you to stay up later (or start spiraling!).

Show your staff that you respect their downtime and that you want to take care of them.

This is a practice that ALL LEADERS should be implementing. Model this practice for your staff. Create a culture of respecting people’s home lives.

Finally, tell your teachers to take their email off of their phones. If there’s an emergency, you have their phone number. At the very least, encourage them to turn off all of their email notifications.

They may not listen to you, but they will appreciate your concern.

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